Tuesday, June 30, 2009

exercise illness

According to my children, I have an exercise illness. I tried jogging. I tried really hard to like it. The only thing I liked about it was how I felt afterward, and that just wasn’t enough to inspire me to continue. Going to the gym? Just no. I used a stationary bike for a long time and read while I exercised. But I have to be honest. It just wasn’t hard enough. So I finally got into dvd exercise. My favorites have turned out to be kick boxing and step routines. Now there are plenty of tough dvds out there to exercise to. I just need to be sure I have them all, so I add and subtract to and from my library, honing it down to the perfect set of dvds. Do you think I've been fairly diagnosed with an exercise illness just because I own thirty dvds? I think not! And I'm sure there are a few more I need. They just might be listed on my Amazon wish list.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah.

I have an exercise illness, which I have described for you above. Miley doesn’t have an exercise illness. She does, however, think that this exercise mat should be her own personal rest mat. I remember in kindergarten when we rested on our mats every day. (I actually fell asleep the first day and had to be awakened.) Anyway, back to Miley’s own personal rest mat. I threw the mat out the other day to do some ab exercises, and Miley shot onto the mat for a little kindergarten rest. I had to physically remove her. She loves this mat. Then when I was done, she returned, trying once again to stake her claim. I picked up one end of the mat and began to lift it slowly, thinking surely she would jump off. She scrambled those desperate little paws on it trying to keep her hold on it. Well, here you go, Miley. Happy resting time.

So much for my exercise illness. I’ve just lost my mat.

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