Saturday, December 24, 2011


These two are tireless. They're having such a jolly season.

 In the back seat of my car. They meant to scare me, but I just laughed and then took them to church with me. I hope they enjoyed it. 

In the office. I hope you guys are paying some bills while you're in there. Or at least doing some homework for me. 

And at last!

The elves have been caught!
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Please note that Santa is "going down the chimney." Yeah, we're funny.

We have an interesting tradition around here. It's not necessarily a Christmas tradition, but it has recently seeped its way into a sort of Christmas tradition. Let me explain.

Sometimes we pick an object and we hide it, usually in plain sight, but in some very strange places. You know like finding a brush in the frig or something. I don't even remember what our original hiding object was. I only remember the details around it.

Whatever this object was, I said, "I don't want it."

Danielle said, "I don't want it either."

"Okay, fine. You can have it." I pretended not to understand her response and left it in her room.

That object made its way back and forth and showed up in some of the strangest places. Then eventually someone must have hidden it really well because we can't for the lives of us figure out what the object was or who hid it last. Since then, we've had variations on the hide-the-object game from time to time. Some certain objects of the hide-the-object game are best left undescribed, but this new one's a winner.

At Christmas time, we always put out this cute reindeer that you see pictured above.  While Annabelle was here at Thanksgiving time, she was playing with the horse you see in the picture. (Imagine Annabelle's voice here in a high pitch as if she's talking to a baby: "It's just my size. Ohhhhh.") The horse belongs to Danielle. She actually uses it as a chair at the computer. I know. So normal. When Annabelle was so enamored with the horse, I brought out the reindeer. Annabelle was nearly beside herself with joy, and it became a playfest.

Well, lazy people don't always put things away, and the horse and the reindeer continued to hang out with us long after Annabelle left us to our quiet, boring home. One day I came home and this is what I found.

It seems that the reindeer and the horse had decided they were tired of being sat upon and they decided to sit upon. Anyway, I had a good laugh, left the room, and when I returned I found this.

Apparently their relationship had moved to the next level. "Making out not allowed!" I cried, but I giggled as I left the room. Upon returning again, I found this.

Apparently, all that making out had made them hungry, and they decided to go make a snack. During all this moving around, I never actually saw who moved them. For all I know, they moved on their own. Anyway, the game had begun; and since then, these two good friends have really gotten around. Here are a few of the places they've been in their travels.

Waiting at the bedroom door to scare the daylights out of the occupant when she emerged.

Waiting at the back garage door to scare the daylights out of whomever might come through the door next.

Waiting at the front door to scare the daylights out of whomever might dare to visit. They seem to have a thing for doors.

Taking an afternoon nap. Note that they are under separate blankets. We have chaste animals around here.

Waiting in the backseat of Danielle's car to scare the daylights out of the driver. And scare they did! (Sorry about that.)

In a closet looking through the shoe box. I guess it was time for a re-shoeing.

In another closet. It's really sad that you're not getting the full effect of this one so I must elaborate. I came home from playing in the Messiah concert. I walked in, put my instrument away, stood in the hall as I sent a text, and looked about for Miley. Hmmm. Rather odd. Where is that little runt? She always comes running when I come home. Ah. There she is. She came running out of the master bedroom. I greeted her and then remembered that I wanted to get my special snowflake that I hang from my rearview window and get it hanging before the season got away from me. I went into the master bedroom, opened the drawer to a chest of drawers, and retrieved my cute snowflake. By the way, said chest of drawers is right next to the closet, and said closet door was open. I walked away and put the snowflake in my car. When I came back in, I wandered back into the master bedroom, and Miley was running around in the closet like a little nit-wit. Then I saw the reindeer and the horse---with riders! Danielle and her boyfriend had been waiting for me to find them in the closet all that time.

On top of the tv. Look at me! No, look at me!

 In the shower waiting to scare the daylights out of me! And scare they did! Chaste, remember chaste.

In the tub. I guess they didn't appreciate being thrown out of the shower. They weren't cleaned up yet. And hey, wait a minute. It looks like they're making out again! Hey! CHASTE!

And now for my two personal favorites.

A ride down the banister. Doesn't it look like they just said, "Race you to the bottom" and then slid away? Never mind that the reindeer got to slide farther. It was fun for both of them.

And today they're making beautiful music together.

It's anyone's guess where they'll show up next.

Monday, December 5, 2011

christmas elves

Putting up the Christmas tree. The very thought makes me shudder. I've had nightmare encounters with non-compliant Christmas trees. One such nightmare went like this:

I checked all the strings of lights, and they all worked perfectly, so I wrapped them around the tree. After putting all the ornaments on, I plugged in the tree, only to find an entire section of the tree unlit. I checked for connections. Everything was fine. If you remove a string of lights, you pretty much have to remove all the surrounding ornaments first, or else you're likely to knock them off and break them, so I removed the ornaments. Then, I removed the offending string of lights and replaced it with another string, which I tested first, of course. I plugged the lights in again, and what do you think? An entirely different string of lights was unlit. At this point, it was just too much, and I collapsed on the floor in a fit of tears. People magically disappeared to rooms unknown in the house and didn't resurface until I had managed to fix the tree and regain my dignity. Now, it would be one thing if said nightmare only happened once, but this nightmare has repeated itself in varying forms more than once or twice. Therefore---Christmas tree---shudder.

Well, this year, with school, a brand new granddaughter to love, and practicing for the Messiah concert, Christmas tree = shudder = forget it. Well, at least, if it doesn't equal forget it, it at least equals put it off. Yesterday when I was busy in the kitchen making Sunday dinner, my daughter returned from church, and said, "How do you like the Christmas tree?" Imagine a shudder here; I assure you there was one. My response was: "Christmas tree! What Christmas tree? I haven't had time to to put up {shudder} a Christmas tree." She opened the sliding door into the living room, and there to my wondering eyes did appear a sleigh full of toys . . . wait, wait . . . a Christmas tree! A fully decorated, absolutely beautiful, more beautiful than I've ever made it, Christmas tree. Wow!

Thank you Christmas elves. What a beautiful gift!