Friday, March 18, 2011

i love books

I love books. I love to smell books. Whenever I pick up a book or a magazine, I have to smell it. In fact, I have one textbook that is good for only one thing: smelling. I love to hold books. I love everything about books. Books! Books! Books! And as you might guess, I love to read. Reading opens up the world. There is so much to read, so much to learn.

I taught all of my children to read before or during preschool. One of my girls was reading by the time she was three. She thought life was really unfair that her two older sisters could cuddle up with a nice little book and read, and she couldn't, so she insisted that I teach her to read. When my youngest daughter was learning to read, I routinely babysat a friend of hers. This little girl thought she was really getting gypped because she could only sit and listen while my daughter read. So, of course, I taught her to read too. Her mother now blames me for her daughter's love affair with books and learning--a burden of blame I will gladly shoulder.

And so you see, naturally I think everyone should learn and love to read. Miley turns three next month. Do you think I've carried this a little too far?