Tuesday, March 9, 2010

what goes around . . .

So a friend of Danielle's went to Mexico for Spring break. This little creature, Miah, is a member of their family and got left behind. Naturally, we brought her over to be babysat. I mean, two dogs just wasn't enough around here. Now, we simply cannot move without stepping on a dog. At first, I thought this was a sure sign that we didn't need another dog. However, a couple days later, we've gotten pretty accustomed to Miah, and I'm not so sure we're going to let her go back home to her original family.

Chamine was pretty peeved to begin with. I could almost hear her talking. "Are you serious? You brought another little rat into the house?" But she adapted pretty quickly, and she has some pretty sweet coping skills. She either looks away or walks away when she gets ticked off. You see, Miah can't seem to manage the skill of getting through our doggy door, so once Chamine is out the door, she's in freedom land.

Miley, on the other hand, is learning what it was like for Chamine when she came along. Miah is all kinds of happy to play with Miley. I captured this on video for you. What goes around, comes around, Miley!

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