Friday, January 22, 2010

another cool picture

Remember when I went to the neurologist, took valium, laid in a tube, and had an MRI done? See cool picture of my brain below if you've forgotten. Well, I just had my follow up appointment. What you are seeing here is a picture of the human brain vascular system. No, it's not mine. I just thought sinced I'd provided you with a view of my brain it would only be fair to follow it up with a really cool picture of blood vessels.

So my neurologist says that my blood vessels have a small amount of scarring on them, which is totally normal for someone who suffers from migraines. What isn't totally normal is that I don't have a lot more scarring, given that I've been fighting migraines for thirty years. With the exception of that small amount of scarring, my brain is very healthy. No tumors. No cysts. No growths. No water sacs. Nothin'. (Quite frankly, I was just plain pleased to see there was even a brain in there!)

So Soodle, Poodle, Roodle, and Noodle . . . you can put away those lists you were starting entitled, "The possessions of Mom's that I want when her head blows up," cuz apparently my brain is very healthy. Migraines just make me THINK it's going to blow up.

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Shauntel said...


I get the rocking chair. That's all that matters.

Oh, and that your brain is free of tumors and/or other growths that might cause it to explode.