Monday, April 5, 2010

a typical day

So here's a typical day in my life:

Get up, exercise, go to school, come home, study, go to bed. There are a few other things that manage to slip into the routine like eating and going to the bathroom, but for the most part, that routine is pretty secure.

Yesterday started out totally typical, until I was well into the study element of the day. As I sat at the computer, my senses were suddenly overwhelmed with the very strong scent of skunk. It was so strong that I feared the worst. Had a genius skunk figured out how to manipulate the doggie door? I crept down the stairs, looking carefully around every corner. As I did so, I imagined in my mind what I would do if I found myself face to face with a skunk. I'm pretty sure I'd abandon ship. This would definitely be an "every woman for herself" situation. Now if there was a fire in the house, I'd dash through the flames to save my child. If she was drowning in a whirlpool, I'd jump in and go down with her. If there was an earthquake and the house was falling down, I'd use my body as a shield to save her. But a skunk? Are you kidding? That's just asking too much. You're on your own, baby girl. But I digress.

Stealthily, I manuevered my way around the house, but there was no skunk within the premises. This left just one thing to do. I sought out Miley, picked her up and took a sniff. Clean. Then Noodle and I invited Chamine in. She looked a wee bit wet (translate: soaked) around the chin and chest and front legs. "But it's really wet outside," Noodle said hopefully. Yes, it had been raining, so we could only hope. Then we both knelt down and gingerly took a sniff. We reeled back in horror. Yes! Chamine had been hit by a skunk! Again! Does this dog not learn? Or could it be she likes this nasty smell!? A hundred thirty-eight ounces of tomato juice and a half bottle of doggie shampoo later, Chamine was 2% less stinky. I documented this event through pictures for you.

Oh, and I know you've been reading this whole time thinking, "And what does that little dog on the top have to do with anything?" Would you believe we got another dog?

Yes, I know you would believe it. The truth is we didn't. You may now heave a huge sigh of relief. That little dog is the rest of the story. As we were driving home from Harmon's with our 138 ounces of tomato juice, Noodle spotted a little dog running down the busy street. She instinctively pulled the car over and rescued the little beast. (I'm pretty sure this was motivated by the memory of Chamine missing for ten days, and she couldn't bear the thought of someone else without their beloved pet.) Fortunately, Marley was wearing a tag. We called his owners, and they came to rescue their baby.

Marley is returned to his owners, and Chamine smells a lovely scent of skunk/tomato juice/doggie shampoo.

And that was my atypical day. Can we go back to a typical day tomorrow?


Shauntel said...


What a letdown.


Riss said...

My favorite part is Chamine's snarl in the first picture.

Kristen said...

HAHAHA!!! Oh Chamine! You figure she would learn. I still remember the first time she was sprayed and me and Shauntel were sniffing around the whole house while we tried to figure it out.