Thursday, August 11, 2011

tiny diaper

This isn't even mine to blog about, but shucks, I just can't help it. When I went to visit Shauntel last time, I took her a little diaper pail---you know the kind---with a foot pedal. Annabelle was intrigued with it and asked me what it was. I told her it was a bucket. She commenced to figure out how to operate that foot pedal, and pretty soon she had it down pat. She made herself busy picking up toys, and whatever else was nearby and convenient, and threw them in the bucket. Then she'd giggle madly, dump it out, and start all over again with a whole new set of things to throw in "grandma's bucket."

As time always does, it got away from me, and I reluctantly left and came on home to this quiet little abode with no little giggles, no pitter pat of tiny feet, and no newborn cries. Just a couple of days ago, I got an email from my daughter explaining to me Annabelle's continued use of the "bucket." Shauntel had just changed Lydia's diaper. Annabelle picked it up, ran off to her room, and came back empty handed. She stood in front of her mom and gleefully reported: "I put the tiny, stinky diaper in grandma's pocket."

Beautiful photo of Annabelle and Lydia from Shauntel's blog.

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Riss said...

hahaha that's hilarious!