Monday, August 8, 2011

same legs, different baby

Now that Shauntel has had two babies, I think that we can pretty much verify that she creates beautiful babies. (You know, with a little help from Jess, of course.)

When Annabelle was born, I was just stunned at how much she resembled her mommy. It was like holding and loving and gazing on my sweet little baby Shauntel all over again. Annabelle has grown a lot in these past two years, and she certainly has her own wonderful personality and looks now. But wow, as a baby she was just Shauntel all over again.

Cue Lydia. It's hard to believe it, but once again, Shauntel has produced another carbon copy of herself. Once again, looking on Lydia is like looking at my baby Shauntel. Lydia is beautiful and lovely and perfect in every way, and I can hardly wait to see how she grows into her own little self, who she'll become, the lovely person that I know she'll be.

I miss those days, being a mommy. My babies were and are the joy of my life. How nice it is that the joy is now extending into grandchildren.

This is my baby Shauntel, roughly 29.5 years ago. Check out the skinny legs.

This is my baby's baby, Lydia. Same legs, different baby.

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Shauntel said...

Dude. I wish my legs were still that skinny.