Saturday, September 26, 2009

a pom what?

Miley is actually not 100% Pomeranian. Now if you think, "oh, she must be part some other breed of dog," no, that is not what I meant. What I meant is Miley is actually not 100% canine.

We've decided quite conclusively that she is part bat. Just look at this cute face.

Then twist the picture upside down, and don't you see a bat?

Then if you look at her a little longer, she also becomes part fox.

Pretty little fox, isn't she?

And then of course, spend a little time with her, and you realize without hesitation that she is actually in large percentage a cat. Much like a cat, she walks around and in between legs. Then she carries it a little farther by rubbing her head against your foot. She loves feet. They are her passion in life.

One time I was reading and she was at my feet. I was swishing my leg back and forth, creating that petting foot that she loves so much when it occurred to me that I could just treat her like a real dog and pick her up and pet her while I read. She could barely tolerate this for longer than five seconds. She wriggled to get free and bounced down to my feet, wrapping herself around them again. "These are for petting," was the reprimand that I'm sure I heard.

Also, if you look at her little white tail and white underbelly, suddenly she becomes part skunk. I've never actually seen a chocolate colored skunk, but maybe? And sometimes, the way she smells after she has been in the backyard eating who-knows-what, well . . . skunk sort of fits rather well.

But please don't forget that she's also part bird. A blanket that gets left on the couch is quickly converted into a nest. She scrambles around until she has herself a nice little comfy blob to lay down on. It's rather a frantic little display, but she's always so proud of herself after she has attained her goal, and she can finally plop down in the center of her nest.

So now we have bat, fox, cat, skunk, and bird. You see how her percentage of actual Pomeranian is really dropping, but we're not finished yet. She has one more thing in her mix that we certainly mustn't leave out.

The other night as I prepared to go to bed, Miley jumped up on the bed. She began her nesting procedure, but then she nuzzled under the covers, and here is where I truly wish I had the video camera on her. Dialog simply cannot do this justice, but I'm going to try. She nuzzled under the covers and then began to burrow. I'm not sure where she thought she was burrowing to. One can only conjecture: the center of the earth, China, perhaps a place where human beings have four feet (Miley heaven). She burrowed all over under the cover. I could tell by the shape under the covers that she wasn't walking around upright, she was slithering around army crawl style. It was so amusing I just stood there and laughed. It reminded me of something that I must be pulling from my memory banks of long ago, long forgotten cartoons. You know, the animal jumps down a hole, and then you see the dirt making mounds as the small underground rodent displaces the dirt upward. By the time she found a way out, I had managed to grab the camera. I snapped a couple of pictures before the gopher turned around and returned to its tunneling.

I'm not sure what the percentages are, but Miley is not 100% Pomeranian as her previous owner claimed. I am quite certain that she is bat, fox, cat, skunk, bird, gopher, and yes, I suppose, a very minute percentage Pomeranian.


Shauntel said...

I like her. She's the best non-Pom ever. :)

(I deleted that comment - I spelled something wrong, and you know I can't handle things like that.)

Riss said...

She's just a small squeaky.