Wednesday, August 26, 2009

missing the little miss

It's funny how I suddenly have this burning desire to travel to a certain state all the time now, more than I did before. You see there's this Little Miss that's growing so fast, she puts weeds to shame. So I went for a little visit. In Reader's Digest fashion, days with the Little Miss go something like this: feed, burp, change, hold and stare at her, start all over again. We did manage to do other things. We went to dinner a couple of times. We even went birthday shopping for the Little Miss's mommy. But mostly, I was just happy if it was my turn to take care of her. Hey, I was even happy for it to be my turn the day that both Mommy and Daddy declared it Grandma's diaper turn since it was bulging and ripe and ready for the changing. I believe that was the day that I had just said something to the effect that in her short seven weeks of life she had managed to spit on me, throw up on me, pee on me, umm, have gas into my bare hand as I prepared to bathe her, but that she hadn't yet managed to poo on me. She remedied that oversight that day.

It finally came to the night before I was to leave. She was sleeping peacefully in her little bed. My daughter, seeing me staring at her, read my mind. "You can take her out and hold her if you want to." Want to? Knowing full well that I was going to have to get up before the sun even decided to turn over in its bed and yawn, much less rise, I slipped her out of her little bed. Then I sat there in the semi dark with her, just staring at the face that I knew I would miss so much. The next time I see her, she probably won't be that little squishy baby. She'll probably be holding her head up steadily and easily. She'll probably be able to sit. She'll probably be making little baby sounds of cooing and gurgling and giggling, along with her caveman sounds of grunting and groaning. She'll probably be so much bigger. So I stared at her into the night, daring the night to go on forever. But of course morning eventually came and found me saying goodbye. I started missing her as soon as I walked out the door.

Here are the many faces of the Little Miss that I will miss:

But I think that I will miss this one the most:


Shauntel said...

Hey wait a minute. She's the only good reason to come to NC? ;)

So true.

lichelle said...

No. There are actually a couple other good reasons. She just tends to be the first one that comes to mind. :)

Vermont 6 said...

Fun blog - and I just love that minkie blanket whoever could have made that??? Actually it takes much more talent to make the ones you make for her and I know that it is her favorite, but I am so glad that she likes the one I made too. Darling little babe - I miss mine too!!